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It all starts with an idea. 


Hey, I’m Paris Fogarty and I am a freelance Graphic Designer, Image Retoucher and Creative Director based in Sydney.

My background consists of branding, video editing, photoshop/retouching and digital illustrations. I amconstantly dabbling in photography and film for the love of it.

I have a Bachelor in Communication Design from Billy Blue College of Design. 

I have always been heavily inspired by surrealist photography and art. My own pieces and self driven works are on the slightly odd and striking side. Huge influences over my personal style have been Annie Leibovitz, Rubber Hose cartoons, Alice in Wonderland and anything with a clever double meaning. If you're wondering about the image above - I also do freelance modelling :)

I have also worked to style guides and briefs to develop in-store visual marketing, flyers and promotional collateral, so if you’re thinking more commercial and less kooky - rest assured that’s what you’ll be getting! (Check my 'commercial' for proof).


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